About speed-networking.net

So, this is our new business networking site.

A different focus from the old version of the site, and despite the name its not just about the speed anymore, this site aims to connect you with the best business networks across the UK. From chambers of commerce to networking breakfast groups and of course the various speed networking events all over the UK will be given space on this site so you have a handy reference of all of the best resources in and around business networking.

Business Networking

So if you have a business networking group of any kind that you think should be listed, let us know via our contact form, its free to be listed in this way and will certainly result in extra interest in your group.

Our Network

We’ll also be picking highlights of interesting or noteworthy companies who we have met or come across on our travels and added to our own network either through working together or otherwise doing business, and will give column inches over to these businesses as well as linking to their websites. If you would like to be part of this select network by all means get in touch.