Investing In Sun Spirit PV Systems

Sun Spirit

Photovoltaics (PV) are solar panels at the cutting edge of technology. Differing from other kind of solar energy, these systems are designed to use the suns light rather than heat and convert it into electricity. Using light instead of heat means that it does not have to be a hot and sunny day for the solar panels to do their job. Normal daylight will suffice, meaning these PV systems can be used effectively all year round.

Sun Spirit

Sun Spirit work with scientists from Oxford University and other partners in order to be the first to learn new information about anything to do with solar energy. This is one of the many aspects of the renewable energy company that makes them leaders in their field.

Since the government launched the Feed-In Tariff in April of 2010, Sun Spirit have used their passion for solar energy and green living in conjunction with the money back scheme to enrich the lives of businesses, and communities around the country by giving honest advice and top quality, professional service.

Feed-In Tariff

Feed-In Tariff is a cash back scheme for people or commercial businesses that use renewable energy resources for heat and power. When using a system like PV, the user will receive from their energy company:

  • A price for each kWh unit used. Agreed with energy supplier.
  • 3p for each unit that is not used and returned to the grid.

This means that every single unit produced by the system is paid for and the user still gets cheaper energy bills as they are able to use the units of renewable energy for themselves. Savings and incoming money for putting up one system is a great deal. More so, because payments are guaranteed to continue for 25 years with the PV system.

Free Solar Panels

Since FIT launched, some solar energy companies have offered free solar panels. The benefits of course, being that people are able to have renewable energy and save money on the bills, without any outlay.

Unfortunately, the 25 years of money which should go to the owner of the solar system, is paid directly to the solar company themselves. To put this into perspective, some people who enjoy using the Sun Spirit Solar panels have received a 22% return in the first year of using the system alone. Over 25 years, that is a lot of money for somebody to give away when they could have kept it for themselves as well as made savings on bills.

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